WACO, Texas – Supply chain shortages have been causing distress for businesses and shoppers around the country and the world.

This is especially true for local businesses, who felt the pressure from the COVID-19 pandemic. The East Market is one of many local businesses across the city feeling the effects of the supply chain shortage.

“We’re placing orders, probably double the amount of time in advance, just to ensure that we have what we need for Waco,” says co-owner Tim Kulkarni.

Kulkarni says that although they have seen support from the Waco community, their product is not arriving when it should.

“Tiny little boats that come over from overseas. They’re just taking a little longer, because they’re sitting at the dock waiting to get unloaded,” Kulkarni said. “And unfortunately, due to the labor shortage and the driver shortage, it just kind of gets compounded.”

As the holidays move closer, many are starting to worry about whether the stores they frequent will have what they need – whether it be food, clothing or toys.

University of Nevada Las Vegas Economics Professor Dr. Stephen Miller says this is something no one expected to happen.

“This is not something we’ve seen before,” Miller said. “Think of an economy that’s working smoothly and operating nicely, and markets are clearing. And so, the supply chain is operating efficiently, and then BOOM, the bottom drops out of the economy.”

Kulkarni has advice for anyone shopping for the holidays.

“Plan ahead. Really, planning ahead for the everything regarding the holidays. Because while it may not be in now – eventually, hopefully, it will be in,” he said. “But, planning is going to be the best way for success for any Thanksgiving holiday, or even Halloween.”