Tarleton nursing students administer vaccines at McLane Stadium


WACO, Texas – On Friday, the 100 million vaccine goal in the first 100 days of Joe Biden’s Presidency was surpassed.

Nursing students from Tarleton State University continue to do their part in getting the vaccines out.

One resident who received the vaccine was overjoyed at the opportunity.

“Super happy that I have gotten this shot,” one resident said. “I am so glad that the county had it for us.”

Hundreds waited in a line wrapped around McLane Stadium to receive a vaccination shot.

Hilary H. was one of the students administering the shots, and she was just as happy to be a part of the clinic.

“We have a purpose for them,” Hilary said. “They are wanting to make the world and the community a lot better for us to walk around in, so we maybe not have to wear these masks. It feels great to be part of it.”

Hilary says their goal is to administer 300 vaccines per hour.

Brittany C., who is also a part of the event, says although it’s the first day – they are definitely hitting the goal.

“It’s crazy!” Brittany said. “We are going, going, going, and everyone is so appreciative of what we are doing around here.”

Dr. James Hurley, who is the President of Tarleton State University, is proud of how the students voluntarily serve the community, putting themselves on the frontline.

“They are not running away from the challenges, they are running to the challenges,” Dr. Hurley said. “We are all in this together, and we are going to get out of this together. And it takes each of us. Our nursing students, in particular, are doing a wonderful job.”

These students are getting hands-on experience and helping meet the nationwide demand for healthcare professionals.

“So far in nursing school, it’s been all online,” Brittany said. “So getting out and getting the feel of being a nurse is actually pretty cool. I like it! Super exciting!”

As these clinics continue throughout the county and vaccinations become more available, Hilary says she is grateful to know she is impacting the lives of others.

“It’s great to hear these people [say] ‘Thank you!’ And they are very excited to get these vaccinations,” Hilary said. “It’s just a wonderful experience, to have the positivity of these people that are coming through to get the vaccinations.”

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