The Texas Education Agency officially says they are aware of the situation regarding the arrest of Waco Independent School District Superintendent Dr. A. Marcus Nelson, but cannot comment on specific cases involving educators.

They say this is because these types of decisions are up to local school boards.

“He’s such an amazing guy, and I hate that this happened to him because he is such an amazing person, but everybody is human, right?,” says Rameshea Waits, a supporter of Nelson.

While the majority of the public at the meeting on Tuesday night was in support of Dr. Nelson, some did speak against him.

“He’s an educated man. He understood it. He understood it has consequences,” says Bill Vannatta, who opposes keeping Dr. Nelson.

He says he doesn’t want Waco ISD to have a bad reputation.

“People outside the state are watching. Are we going to have a situation where they are going to say we have a pot-smoking, pot-possessing superintendent in the WISD in Waco, Texas? Think about it,” Vannatta says.

If Dr. Nelson is fired, TEA rules state it may trigger an investigation.

When the TEA receives a report that an employee was fired, they will determine if an investigation is necessary.

There could also be sanctions against a former employee following an investigation, but the TEA stresses they handle this on a case-by-case basis.

The school board will reconvene on Thursday night, where a decision will hoepfully be made.