TEMPLE, Texas (FOX 44) — Thanksgiving is a day to make memories, not a fire.

Landy Setzer with Temple Fire and Rescue shares how you can avoid messy mishaps in the kitchen.

“Make sure your kitchen is organized and you keep kids about three feet away from the stove. The kitchen should be an area where it’s adults. That way, kids don’t get burned,” says Temple Fire Marshall, Landy Setzer.

The kitchen will be the hotspot this week as many prepare all the favorite foods.

“If you’re cooking with an open flame. Be sure that any combustibles are far enough away that they won’t catch fire,” says Setzer.

If you haven’t gotten your turkey out of the freezer yet, now will be a good time to let it thaw out.

“Make sure that where you’re frying your turkey is away from all combustibles. Make sure that you’re not on a deck or anything that could catch fire,” says Setzer.

Whether you bake your turkey or fry it, Setzer wants to remind everyone to be extra cautious when you’re near an open flame.

“Make sure when you lower your turkey and raise your turkey that you are, don’t overflow your turkey pan cooking with an open flame and using that with the fryer also causes some dangers,” says Setzer.

Chief Meteorologist Mike LaPoint already predicted a wet and chilly Thanksgiving. Which means some people are already pulling out the space heaters.

“Make sure they’re on a flat surface and that cords are protected to where nobody can run by them and accidentally knock them over,” says Setzer.

Another way to prevent a fire is double checking that your fire detectors have new batteries in them

“Make sure that those batteries are good and that your smoke detectors are in good working order so they can alert people who may be taking a nap after a big thanksgiving dinner,” says Setzer.

Temple Fire and Rescue will be giving back to the community on Thanksgiving Day, they will be handing out food at Wes’ Burger Shack & More from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.