Temple firefighters had to “think outside the box” to rescue puppies


We’re learning more about a puppy rescue this week. Temple firefighters saved a pair of newborn pooches after they fell in a backyard pipe.

Seven-day old Husky pup Miracle is named for the miraculous rescue she survived thanks to a team of Temple firefighters. 

“We had a citizen come in and tell us that her dog had some puppies, and that one or two were in a sewer pipe in their backyard and that they couldn’t get them out,” Rusty Bryant said. 

Firefighters headed to the home on 6th Street last Friday afternoon. They were digging around a sewer to clean out where the two trapped puppies were.

“They had already started digging some holes to try to get to the pipe where the puppies were stuck at. So we continued to dig holes, trying to figure out exactly where the puppies were at,” Colby Sexton said.  

“The homeowner took the toilet off the wax ring, and you could hear the puppies whimpering. And you could hear them on this end whimpering,” Bryant said. 

The crew sawed off part of the pipe and one of the puppies quickly crawled to safety. 

“Everyone was happy. We thought we were done and then we heard another little puppy whimpering and worked a little longer and ended up getting that puppy out, as well,” Bryant said.  

The owners, as well as the Huskies’ mother, were happy to be reunited with the pups. The fast-acting firefighters were happy to bring them back together.

“Once we got them out, we could tell the family was really excited that we were able to save both puppies,” Sexton said. 

The dog owner told FOX 44 News the second puppy died shortly after the rescue from dehydration. Still, they’re grateful to have Miracle. 

The homeowner also says she’s still not sure how the puppies managed to fall into the pipe. 

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