Temple firefighters rescue newborn puppies


Firefighters practice and train for numerous rescue situations. When working a rescue, an important ability is to think outside the box, as no two rescues are the same. It might be a vehicle or a building, above ground, or below ground.

Temple Firefighters were able to utilize their rescue skills last Friday afternoon when they rescued two newborn Huskie puppies who were inside a four-inch sewer clean-out pipe.

A family in the 800 block of North 6th Street returned home to find their dog delivered a litter of puppies in the backyard and one of them was inside the sewer clean-out.

Firefighters used hand tools to dig around the pipe and a reciprocating saw to remove a section of pipe. Once access was made, a firefighter was able to insert his arm into the pipe and safely retrieve the puppy.

It was then determined a second puppy was still inside the pipe, and efforts continued until this puppy was safely removed from its confinement. Both animals were dried and reunited with their mother.

The clean-out line was cleared and secured until repairs could be made to the pipe. Firefighters were on the scene for approximately 90 minutes and remained available to respond to all calls.

Source: Temple Fire and Rescue

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