TEMPLE, Texas – Temple Police are warning the community about scammers who are appearing to be renting out homes.

The Temple Police Department recently learned of a property on East Drive being listed for rent on Facebook Marketplace. They say that particular property is not actually for rent.

TPD says it isn’t aware of any victims who have fallen for the scam yet.

“A lot of times you just have to do extra research to make sure it is accurate and safe,” Temple PD spokesperson Alejandra Arreguin said.

Another Temple couple told FOX 44 someone tried to scam them into renting a home on Duval street.

The scammer insisted on the couple paying an “application fee” first in order to see the property – saying it is refundable.

When the couple arrived to the property, they saw the sign out front with a phone number different from the one they had been in contact with.

That’s when they found out they had been dealing with a scammer.

TPD is reminding the community to pay attention to red flags and do your research.

You could be dealing with a scam if the property owner doesn’t want to meet you in person or if they want you to pay money or move in before seeing the property.

“Someone is asking for a deposit and you haven’t met them in person, you haven’t even seen the property, there hasn’t been a background check or the prices questionably low,” Arreguin said. “Those are things to look out for.”

Also, TPD says to pay attention to typos and errors in the messages.

The more information the community reports, the more TPD can do to stop the scammers.

“The only way we can sometimes fight crime or things like this is if we work together with the community and find out about these things,” Arreguin said. “Feel free to send us a message, give us a call, and we can definitely look into it.”

TPD is encouraging anyone who has information or been a victim to report that by calling 254-298-5500.