TEMPLE, Texas – Temple police officers spent Thursday morning testing out a non-lethal technique to apprehend suspects.

“Anytime we can provide a tactical arrest, or detaining somebody without where they don’t have to put hands on somebody, is a win-win,” said Chief Shawn Reynolds, of Temple Police Department.

The device is called the Bolawrap, and once fired, an eight-foot cord shoots out around the suspect – similar to the lasso technique. The company’s spokesperson, Rodney Sherrod, says its purpose is not to replace existing methods – but help safely de-escalate situations.

“If you think about the tools police officers are equipped with, all of them use pain to gain compliance,” Sherrod added.

Sherrod said the gadget allows officers to restrain suspects from a distance without hurting them.

In a phone conversation, Waco Police Public Information Officer Garen Bynum said the department has purchased a few devices, but officers have not used them on patrol.

To get all Temple officers equipped, the department will have to cough up more than $200,000.

“If this technology provides an advantage and makes folks safer, we’re certainly willing to give it a shot,” said Reynolds.

Reynolds said they will evaluate the technology – and if they decide to use it, they will meet with City Council to discuss funding.