WACO, Texas – The Texas Senate passed a bill that is causing a lot of controversy, because it will remove key moments of history from being taught in public social studies classes.

The Waco NAACP and Texas Committee Political Chair Linda Lewis says regardless of what happens with the Texas Senate Bill 3, true history should continue to be taught.

“What will Texans do to teach their children, and the next generation the included, the entire history of this state?,” Lewis said.

Last Friday, the Texas Senate passed the bill with a vote of 18-4. The stated goal of the bill is to create a Civics training program to Social Studies taught in Public Schools.

Among the things the bill removes from the curriculum – Dr. Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream” speech, the writings of George Washington, and the history of Native Americans.

“I’m of the generation that grew up in segregated Waco, and our parents told us that they would help us with the best education they could afford,” Lewis said. “That we should leave Waco, and do great things in the country, and the world.”

Lewis said this is why her role as Political Action Chair is important – and her time in Austin during the special session has helped the generation after her fight for change.

She continues to be vocal about people of colors right to vote, and the importance of remembering key moments of the pass that shaped the world today.

“The way I’ve lived it hasn’t always been in textbooks,” Lewis said. “So it’s incumbent on us to teach our children, our family, our friends, our associates what happened in Texas.”

The bill still has to pass the House to become law, and Democratic lawmakers are still out of the state – making it impossible to vote.

“Texas Democratic caucus that is in Washington D.C is standing up for all of us,” Lewis said. “If they can do that for all of us, then we need to do our part.”

I reached out to local and state members of the Republican party and did not get a response. To view the full Senate Bill 3, you can click here.