WACO, Texas (FOX 44)- Senator John Whitmire says after the death of 5 Houston residents who were shot and stabbed, there needs to be an urgency to prevent this from happening again.

“We got to do more video medicine, I think you’ve got to have health care providers to go to the unit and reduce that number of transfer transports as much as possible,” says Texas State Senator John Whitmire District 15.

Whitmire said Lopez had planned his escape and had on his possession a key or replica key to his handcuffs.

“The other inmates knew what was coming down. He had told other inmates, this is your chance to escape,” says Whitmire. “They all started singing, jumping up and down to distract that correctional officer,” says Whitmire.

Lopez was confined in a cage during the drive from Gatesville to Huntsville. Whitmire says authorities are speculating Lopez used some kind of tool to pry the mesh wire. Lopez then started fighting with another inmate. The correctional officer driving the bus stopped and tried to separate the two and that’s when he got stabbed.

Whitmire believes the inmates who assisted in the escape will be charged with the breakout.

“We need to focus more on security in our prisons and I would say that starts with whos on the road,” says Whitmire.