The woman behind Chip and Joanna’s style?


It seems everywhere you look, Magnolia’s Chip and Joanna Gaines have their brand down. They have picture perfect homes, shops, cupcakes, restaurants, even a television network.

But while the two of them are working to make their brand look perfect, who is behind making them look flawless?

Roxana Robles is from Monterrey, Mexico. She is the owner of Couture Tayloring by Roxana Robles, specializing in tailoring for all the “who’s who” of Waco.

Robles is the woman behind some of Joanna’s most stylish looks, including the Time Magazine Gala dress.

“I do all kinds of alterations. I’m a dressmaker,” Robles says. “I used to do the Cotton Palace dresses. My first customer was RG3 [Robert Griffin, III]. I did all his alterations for his suit for the Heisman Trophy. I have the [Waco] police department, all the cheerleaders from Baylor, I have all the acro and tumbling, weddings brides, everything. I mean, there’s not only just one thing. I mean, it’s whatever we can sew on the sewing machine. I’ll do it.”

Robles is not kidding. She even works for the First Couple of Waco.

“I have all the Baylor mascots, Marygold and Bruiser,” Robles says.

Not them. The OTHER First Couple of Waco.

“Chip and Joanna, they were looking for someone to make the Santa Claus suit, and they contacted me. So I did that for them,” Robles says.

This is how it all started, a holiday at the Magnolia Silos.

“So now, they’re my customers. I’m the official tailor for them, too,” Robles says. “I really like it. I love working for them because they are very good people. There are people who don’t love them because it’s Chip and Joanna everywhere, but once you meet them, when you know them, you can feel like they are just really good people.”

These people have inadvertently helped this woman with a dream.

“They were invited for the 100 People, More Influential People Magazine, so they have this big party,” Robles says.

Chip and Joanna were named one of Time’s top 100 Most influential People of 2019. The gala was in New York City. The Gaines’ with Robles’ dress from little old Waco, Texas.

“So they were invited to the party, and she ordered this beautiful dress. And I almost had to redo the whole dress, it was beautiful. But it didn’t fit. So now, it fits perfect on her,” Robles says.

Robles did not only do Joanna’s dress, she fixed up the whole gang.

“Everyone was saying like, ‘Oh my gosh, Joanna you look great! That fits perfect!’ And I’m like, ‘I made it.’ I mean, it’s not that I made the whole dress, but it’s kind of [like I did] because I destroyed the entire dress just to make it look perfect on her,” Robles explains.

So how does someone get a position like this? Robles says it’s because of passion and patience.

“This is my life. I started working when I was six years old, and I was always looking for my own store, for my own shop. When I moved here to Waco, with zero English, it was a little bit harder, but I always had in my mind, you know, my target. My goals,” Robles says.

Robles got a degree in Fashion Design and a Masters in Tailoring when she was in Mexico.

“My mom and my dad, they were living here before I graduated. So they told me, ‘You have to live with us,” Robles explains.

So this big city designer from Mexico made the trip to Waco.

“[Waco] was very small, 22 years ago. And coming from a big city, Monterrey is a huge city, so it was a little bit hard for me to live in a different country, live a different language in a small town. But now, I’m just so happy. And Waco is my second home,” Robles says.

A home and a business she has seen grow with help from Chip and Joanna Gaines.

“This is the dress for Joanna Gaines, yes. I’m trying to remove a lot of extra fabric because it’s a little bit poofy. So I’m gonna make it more smaller. More taking some of the fullness off the dress,” Robles says.

Even though her shop is small and on the west side of town, Robles doesn’t stop dreaming.

“Not just alterations. Maybe we could do something else for Magnolia, you know? Something more like, they don’t have a boutique, but maybe we can plan something. I mean, that would be like, ‘Wow!’ Amazing for me,” Robles says.

Robles says she would like to design a clothing line for Joanna. A chance to sew her dream together one small thread at a time.

While there are no official plans for a Joanna and Roxana clothing line, Robles says if Chip and Jo are watching, they’ve got an in-house designer ready to go.

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April 29 2021 07:00 pm

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