LACY LAKEVIEW, Texas – If you haven’t seen some of Rocio Ramirez’s work before here in Waco, you might have seen her more well know work on bigger screens like, “Nacho Libre” and “The legend of Zorro.”

Rocio Ramirez was an inspiring artist still in college when she was about to get some major news.

“Found this lady who was art director from documentaries and motion pictures,” says local artist Rocio Ramirez.

Rocio started with just documentaries and was soon catching the eye of major tv industries.

“With the years little by little that people know me and recommend me to work, and I know they’re more commercial movies,” says Ramirez.

Movies like “The mask of Zorro,” starring Antonio Banderas, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Anthony Hopkins.

“A costume designer ask me if I want to work in the Zorro movies,” says Ramirez.

Rocio was in charge of designing the masks for Antonio Banderas and Anthony Hopkins.

“I made near 38 masks. One for the actor, another for the stunt double, or stand ins,” says Ramirez.

After the production of “The Mask of Zorro” finished, Rocio along with the rest of the production crew was called to be a part of the second movie, “The Legend of Zorro.”

“Antonio wanted the same person to make the last mask, to make it again, the same, and make a new one,” says Ramirez.

After seeing Rocio’s work the producers of “Nacho Libre” called her hoping she could make Jack Blacks famous luchador mask.

“They sent me the script and I read it, and saw it wasn’t similar to Zorro’s, its a wrestling mask,” says Ramirez.

Her hesitation didn’t last long and she accepted the job.

“I supervised in general the costume from Nacho Libre and I made the special effects too,” says Ramirez.

Ramirez still dedicates her time to art, you can see some of her artwork at Waco community galleries.