There is a new treatment for Spinal Stenosis


WACO, Texas – Spinal Stenosis occurs in ten percent of the world’s population.

Usually this condition has to be treated by a very invasive surgery, but some local doctors are looking to change this.

A new procedure called Vertiflex is changing the game and people’s lives.

Spinal Stenosis is a very serious medical condition. It’s the narrowing of the spaces within your spine, which in turn puts pressure on the nerves and is extremely painful. Usually, a major surgery is the only way to correct the damage.

“Often times it’s [the original procedure] a fairly invasive surgery. Recovery time can be difficult. Often times patients will have to have a fusion of those segments where they’re all bolted together, which can be an uncomfortable process, as well,” says Dr. Benjamin Lowry, the Director of Education at Integrated Pain Associates.

Now doctors at Integrated Pain Associates in Killeen are trying a new method called Vertiflex.

“This procedure is a minimally invasive surgery that places a spacer between the backside of the spinal column bones. What that does is that it prevents the spinal cord from getting pinched in patients with spinal stenosis,” Dr. Lowry says.

So far, both patients and doctors are loving it.

“We have an 80 percent success rate at five years. 80 percent of our patients have a significant reduction in their leg pain.” Lowry says. “There is no more gratifying experience then being able to provide a patient pain relief and being able to give them some semblance of their life back. A majority of them walk out ecstatic and a lot of them never even come back to see me.”

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