Tighter Restrictions Could Come for Big Rig Parking in Killeen


There could be tighter restrictions coming for 18-wheelers looking to park in Killeen.

The City Council is expected to vote on a new ordinance which could determine how close a truck can park near homes.

It’s not uncommon to find a long line of semi-trucks parked off Clear Creek Road. Khristan Brading has even seen an 18-wheeler parked on the side of his house. 

“I’m retired, so I like to sleep in. I don’t really appreciate noise, plus my bedroom is right here. So it’s right next to my bedroom window,” Brading said. 

The Killeen City Council will soon consider banning large vehicles weighing over a ton from parking within 500 feet of a residential street. Brading stands behind the plan. 

“They should have some sort of ordinance that says they should be within a certain distance of a residential area,” Brading said. 

Sharon Hooper disagrees. She believes truckers have limited parking options in the city. 

“They have no other choice. If they want to come home for a couple of hours, or even a day or two, they have no where else to park that load that they can check it constantly and know that no one is tampering with it and they park at home,” Hooper said. 

Hooper’s late boyfriend was a truck driver. She said the only legal parking he could find would be at truck stops in other cities.   

“It cut back on the time that he had to rest. If I had to go pick him up in Temple or Salado, then he would also have to return earlier,” Hooper said. 

The Killeen City Council will vote on whether to approve the proposed ordinance this coming Tuesday. Council members are encouraging the public to come and voice their concerns.

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