JARRELL, Texas (FOX 44) – Destruction made its way across Williamson County last night, leaving many people without power.

The storms tore trees from the ground.

“This 30 year old hack tree behind me, it’s down. It’s on top of my house. And then I’ve got one on the north side of the house, an older tree that it’s split in half,” says Jarrell resident, Arlan Bamsch.

Williamson County Judge Bill Gravell and the National Weather Services surveyed the area Tuesday morning confirming an EF1 tornado made its path through Jarrell Monday night.

Judge Gravell confirms about 3 dozen homes and businesses sustained light to severe damage.
1 home under construction collapsed due to the high winds, and ESD 5 fire station roof and doors also saw some damage.

“The damage can be repaired. We were happy to hear that, that at this time there was only one injury and it was minor,” says Fire Chief Ron Stewart.

Even though the fire station saw some damage, Fire Chief Ron Stewart says they were still out assisting the community.

Judge Gravell confirms no fatalities in the storm.

“A semi that actually got blown over on I-35. What we suspect as a result of direct line, when the driver of that was transported to the hospital,” says Stewart.

Jarrell has experienced three tornadoes in 2022 — in March, April and October.

According to the National Weather Service, the March and April tornadoes were both rated at EF-1 intensity while they moved through the Jarrell area. The April tornado continued into Bell County and became an EF-3.

“When they issued that warning, that tornado warning that I got, and then that’s when I said all heck broke loose. I didn’t have to even go to my storm shelter. So. But thankful to be alive.”

If your area or home sustained storm damage from Monday night, you can self-report the damage to the state through this Texas Division of Emergency Management website.