Tradinghouse Park under new management


McLennan County is now the proud owner of Tradinghouse Creek Park.

On Tuesday, County Commissioners accepted and recognized the donation from Luminant Generation Company formally known as TP&L.

“We’re very, very happy, now it’s our property and so we feel better about spending money on that property,” said McLennan County Judge Scott Felton.

For nearly 50 years, the county has been leasing the property, but on Tuesday, it officially changed hands.

“The opportunity came about for us to talk to them about acquiring that property and we got appraisals and did all things working towards trying to negotiate a price and I suggested to them that maybe it would be a great public relations act for them to actually donate that property to the citizens of McLennan County, which they graciously agreed to do,” said Judge Felton.

Now that the land is under the county’s name, improvement projects can start.

“Most those improvements will be picnic tables and and better access to the lake and restroom facilities, things like that,” added Judge Felton.

But, those changes can’t be done without money.

“We have been approved for a Texas Parks and Wildlife grant that allows us to spend $350,000 to $400,000 on the property,” said Judge Felton.

The grant requires for a 25% match, which means the county will have to figure out where to get over $88,000.

“We’re prepared to do that and could spend a little more than that because we want it to be a great park,” said the McLennan County Judge.

Commissioners hope investing in such a project will ultimately benefit the county.

“I think it will increase the amount of folks who utilize the park and for those that have been coming all along, have more esthetics in the park and more areas to use it for their family outings and things like that,” added Judge Felton.

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