A traffic stop by a constable just a half hour before a break in at a Temple business led to the identification of a suspect in that break in.

Temple police report that an alert Bell County Constable made the connection and remembered the identity of a man he had stepped out on earlier.

The two incidents occurred August 16, with the arrest of Phillip Richard Alexander Granados coming Wednesday after the pieces were matched up.

The break in occurred at Perry Office Plus at 1401 North 3rd Street,

It was discovered when an employee noticed his desk in disarray after he had left it clean and straight the day before.

A view of the security video showed a man enter the building through one of the truck docks,  then showed him gathering tool bags, unplugging computers and stacking them by the door he had entered.

After he had finished gathering the items he wanted in one place, he loaded them up and left.

When it was discovered that the Bell County Constable for Precinct 3 had made a stop of a man with a similar description earlier, a look at the videos showed the man wearing the same clothing as the man seen on camera at Perry Office Plus.

And of course the constable knew the identity of the man he had stopped.

A warrant was obtained and Granados was arrested and taken to the Bell County Jail.