Transporting pot from Colorado brings arrest


A man accused of buying marijuana in Colorado where its legal and transporting it to Texas where it is not found himself being booked into the Bosque County Jail Thursday.

A statement issued by the sheriff’s office said that Bosque County Deputy Ty Hardy was patrolling State Highway 6 near Meridian when he spotted a white Chevy Tahoe with North Dakota license plates going south with no license plate lights operating.

He stopped the vehicle and identified the driver as 30-year-old Daniel Elias Rowell of Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

Rowell’s troubles were just starting when it was discovered his license was invalid.

After getting a consent to search the vehicle, the deputy found what the statement described as ” a large amount of marijuana.”

Rowell told the deputy he had come from Wyoming and was on his way to Houston when he stopped in Colorado to obtain the marijuana.

He was arrested for the invalid drivers license,  the possession of marijuana and possession of a controlled substanceover four grams and under 400 grams which is a felony.

He was booked into the Bosque County Jail.

The sheriff’s statement noted that deputies are finding more individuals bringing in pot  from other states such as Colorado where marijuana is legal, but not understanding that it is still illegal in Texas

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