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Two arrested for drug possession during fugitive investigation


Coryell County Sheriff’s Office investigators arrest a fugitive, then arrest two women for drug possession.

Investigators received a tip on Monday saying 23-year-old Austin Dakota Alambar was in the Oglesby area. Alambar was known to be wanted on a felony charge of motion to proceed with adjudication of guilt – robbery.

The Sheriff’s Office’s Criminal Investigation Division, Patrol Division, the Heart of Texas Auto Theft Task Force, Sheriff Scott Williams and Chief Deputy Mark WIlcox were able to locate Alambar hidden in a residence located at 104 East Walker Street in Oglesby, Texas. Alambar was placed under arrest.

Officers detected a strong odor of marijuana while inside the residence. The two female subjects with control of the residence were spoken to by officers, with consent to a search being completed. A narcotics detection dog located several items associated with smoking and injecting illegal narcotics – such as “small ZipLock bags” with narcotics residue. They were tested positive for methamphetamine and cocaine.

The two female suspects have been identified as 19-year-old Alyssa Hoskins and 29-year-old Korttany Hooker. They were arrested for possession of controlled substances.

Source: Coryell County Sheriff’s Office

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