UPDATE: A 39-year old man faces a Capital Murder charge for the deaths of two children Saturday, March 12th. Kendrick Donnell Gaines is in the Bell County Jail on a $2.5 million bond.

Kendrick Donnell Gaines

Ganes is accused of killing a 6-year-old and an 11-year old girl during a domestic disturbance.

In a GoFundMe post, the two girls are identified as Makayla Martin and Alyssa Whitfield. The two girls are said to be cousins and the money is being raised for funeral costs.


KILLEEN, Texas- Around 11 in the morning on Saturday, Killeen police officers went to the 400 block of Vega Lane to investigate a shooting.

“A lady that lives two doors down for me said I’ve been shot. My husband shot me, and I think my kids probably got shot too,” says concerned neighbor Jesse Davis.

Jesse Davis quickly called 9-1-1 and his wife Eingrett assisted the 38-year-old victim. According to Eingrett, the 38-year-old suffered a gunshot wound to her neck.

“And so I just apply pressure. And once the police got there they told me to continue to apply pressure, and then they arrested her husband, and finally, somebody put her on a stretcher “

According to Davis, the victim’s husband ran outside the house with the gun, but the man dropped it when he saw Davis.

“I just held him, gave him the big old bear hug, and just held him from shooting or doing any more damage to anyone,” says Davis.

Officers found the children, two girls, ages six and eleven, both with gunshot wounds. The older child died at the scene. A helicopter took the 6-year-old to McLane children’s hospital, but she didn’t survive.

“It’s very sad that little girl will never see tomorrow, she was only 11,” says Davis.

According to the Killeen police department, the woman was fighting with her husband when shots were fired.

“We were friends and we consoled them a lot. And I think that’s one of the reasons why they came to our house.”

Officers arrested the spouse and he is now sitting in the Killeen city jail. It was determined that all parties involved are related. The adult female is currently in stable condition and is expected to recover from her injuries.