Two incidents hit Waco Dollar General


Waco Police now say there were two separate incidents involving thefts from the West Waco Drive Dollar General store Tuesday afternoon, both involving violence directed toward store personnel.

The incidents occurred close to each other in time, beginning shortly before 5:00 p.m.

In the first, police say a woman they think they have identified is accused of taking various clothing items and a drink out of the store without paying for them.

The woman got into an argument with an employee when asked to bring the items back into the store to pay for tem, with the woman pushing and assaulting the store employee before running away.

Police say they had an arrest warrant pending for that woman Wednesday morning.

In the second incident, a man went to the back of the store and began placing various items in his shorts. 

As he left the store, he was confronted by an employee and ran outside with the employee chasing him.

Police say as they ran, the employee saw the man reach into the waist band and try to pull out what the employee said was a gun.

The man then got on a BMX style bike and fled east on Waco Drive.

Police said there was no information available on just what was taken and that this man has not been identified.

No one was hurt in the second incident.

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