Two Lacy Lakeview police officers were sent to the hospital after a it took three of them to get a man into custody Saturday.

Forty-four year old Gonzalo Gonzalez was facing a litany of charges after the incident late Saturday night that occurred as officers stopped to check what was described as a suspicious circumstance in the 500 block of the southbound Highway 77 access road.

it was just before 11:00 p.m. Saturday when officers spotted a silver colored vehicle backing up toward a man along the roadway.

When they stopped to make contact with the driver,  they noticed him reaching under the seat of the vehicle, after which he refused to get out of the vehicle.

After they eventually got him to come out,  Police Chief John Truehitt says  he tried to run away, but when officers caught up with him he began fighting, striking out a two of the officers.

Three officers finally got him subdued and into a patrol car for transport to the McLennan County jail. 

They recovered baggies of methamphetamine and marijuana along with a quantity of counterfeit money from the vehicle.

Two officers were treated for injuries and released at a local hospital.

McLennan County jail records indicate Gonzalo Nuncio Gonzalez was booked in on charges of assault on a public servant,  possession of marijuana, possession of two different categories of other controlled substances, tampering with evidence, resisting arrest, evading arrest and forgery with regard to the counterfeit money.

His bond was set at a total of $64000.