MCLENNAN COUNTY, Texas – FOX44 is getting a closer look at the Republican candidates for U.S. District 17.

“I have a strong foundation in Christ, and I have from my youth. And so, that is the only reason I am here. Is because God called me to be here,” says Kristen Alamo Rowin, U.S. District 17 Republican candidate.

Ten of the twelve Republican candidates for U.S. District 17 made their voices heard Thursday afternoon at the Texas Rangers Hall of Fame.

“As one people, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all, that is the core of all religion, liberty, justice, mercy and grace. The only reason the people in Washington don’t understand that is because they don’t know God,” says Renee Swann, U.S. District 17 Republican candidate.

During a question and answer forum, each candidate answered questions regarding healthcare, the national debt, immigration, social security, religious freedom, term limits, and abortion.

“I’ve been working in our community for over ten years – mentoring students, working in the community and being about it. I don’t talk about, I’m not selling anything. You’re not going to see me in a perfectly-scripted television commercial, but you’ll see me in the neighborhood,” says David Saucedo, U.S. District 17 Republican candidate.

They all explained why you should vote for them to replace Rep. Bill Flores.

“I’m the only candidate in this race that has both the experience, working with large groups especially in government like that, as well as the educational background. I have two degrees from Texas A&M, Bachelor in Political Science, and a Master in International Affairs from Bush School of Government and Public Service,” says Trent Sutton, U.S. District 17 Republican candidate.

“I’ve got the business experience. I’ve also got the National Security experience. I know what’s going on in our border. I know we have to seal up that border. But at the same time, we’ve also got to have smart immigration policy,” says Scott Bland, U.S. District 17 Republican candidate.

“I’ve done consulting. I’ve helped elect Republicans throughout this state, throughout the country. And I’ve worked in youth ministry early in my life. So I understand what the needs are of our young people today,” says Todd Kent, U.S. District 17 Republican candidate.

They also highlighted the problems facing McLennan County.

“We have issues related to transportation, to economic growth, and development. And so at the federal level, first and foremost, we need to make sure that our funding structure is correct for those issues,” says Elianor Vessali, U.S. District 17 Republican candidate.

“If we could get kids moving in a direction where they could start having a career when they are 18, 19 years old, I think that would really help our economy,” says Laurie Godfrey McReynolds, U.S. District 17 Republican candidate.

Many of them say construction on Interstate 35 is a big issue today.

“I’ve gone around to all 12 of the counties, and I keep on asking, ‘What are the local issues that make a difference to you?’ In Waco, what I hear is like, you know, transportation and I-35 construction,” says George W. Hindman, U.S. District 17 Republican candidate.

“The transportation needs of Waco, Texas – a growing area not only of the state, but of the country,” says Pete Sessions, U.S. District 17 Republican candidate.

Early voting ends February 28th and Election Day is Tuesday, March 3rd.

You can view the full forum in the video below.