WACO, Texas – There will be a new house on the block – one with a mission of helping young girls in the foster care system who have been sexually exploited.

The home will serve as a an extension of Unbound Waco’s survivor services, as they continue a mission of supporting survivors and resourcing local communities to fight human trafficking.

Six girls aged twelve to 17, who have been victims of sex trafficking and exploitation in the foster care system, will live in the home.

A supporter who wants to remain anynomus donated the home in the middle of renovations to Unbound Waco. As he continues to pay for renovations, he has partnered with subcontractors to help bring this resource to life.

Unbound Waco Director of Programs Allison Denman says the staff will be in house 24/7 supporting the young girls on their journey to healing through complex trauma.

“The need for a home that is specifically skilled and trained to work with victims of human trafficking has just been a need we’ve seen in our community,” Denman said.

The organization will work closely with CPS through case management to place girls in the home that are in foster care.

“Because there is such a great need, we know that’s going to give us the ability to create a true home feeling, and not a residential facility,” Denman said.

In addition to attending school, they will receive in-home group time – dealing with a variety of topics such as how to have healthy relationships.

“We’re not going to have a year-long program or something that is more cemented and concrete,” Denman said. “We want to make sure that the girls have the opportunity to get all of the healing and resources that they need.” 

She says they want the girls to be able to stay as long as they need, and Unbound is look forward to investing into the daily lives of the girls.

“We have an open date of June 1st, 2022,” Denman said. “We are doing everything we can. That is a conservative open date. Of course we want to be able to provide a place as soon as possible.” 

Unbound Waco is grateful for the many subcontractors and partners who are helping make this resource a reality.