UPDATE: Bell County wildfire forces evacuations


UPDATE: According to the Temple Police Department, the fire near Orion has been contained. People are now allowed to go back to their homes.

According to Temple Fire and Rescue, four firefighters have been transported to the hospital. Three have heat-related injuries, while one has a soft tissue issue.

Below is the previous text from this story:

Firefighters are at the scene of a large fire near the Windmill Farms Subdivision off of West Adams Avenue in the west Temple area.

The grass fire is in the Sugar Brook area, with approximately 300 acres involved.

According to Temple Fire and Rescue, between four and six of the buildings affected by the fire are thought to be sheds. One abandoned vehicle was damaged. 150 homes were potentially threatened.

The fire has been divided into a north and a south sector, with a medical rehab at each sector. High Point Elementary was in close range, and has no damage. One business in the area, has potential damage. No structures, residents, buildings or homes have been affected by the fire at this time. No injuries have been reported to anyone, including firefighters. One home on Orion Road was evacuated due to fire behind the area.

FM-2483, near High Point Elementary, is currently closed. The main concern at this time is containment of the fire. 300 acres were affected. Air tankers were used to help contain the fire and stop the spreading. It is unknown how long it is going to take to put it out.

The Temple Police Department is assisting with these home evacuations, and have told people to not return to their homes until given an “all-clear.” The department says to call 911 immediately if someone is still inside a home and needs assistance evacuating.

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