January 01 2022 12:00 am

UPDATE: Club owner accuses Waco police of racial profiling


Fox 44 spoke with Randy Gober, the owner of Krush The New Offsett Club, which he calls just The New Offsett Club about Sunday morning incident. 

The club is located at Ruby Avenue; it opened just two weeks ago. 

The new club used to be the Two Minnies strip club. 

Waco police say a gunfire erupted in the club’s parking lot before 4 am, just yards away from clearly marked police vehicles. 

Randy Gober says police are racially profiling him and making it difficult for him to succeed as a businessman in this city.

He says, ” I just want them to you know to stop slandering my name and that is what they are doing, they are slandering my name really bad.”

Gober says police are lying about this incident, saying the shooting happened in a nearby parking lot, not on his. 
Police say two groups were arguing in the parking lot of the club and then someone opened fire.

However, Gober says he has several security cameras and footage to prove the shooting didn’t happen in his parking lot. 

Gober says, “They picked up shell casings down the street, they did not pick them up at 641 Ruby.” 
Gober says police don’t want him to run this club and refuse to help him.

He says, “We cannot even get off duty police officers to come over here and work here because Waco police is telling their officers not to work at this establishment because it is a bad place.”

Years ago Gober ran another club with the name Crush on North 25th Street. 

He says, “I had the same problem with Waco PD that I am having now, this is nothing new and nothing new for black clubs.” 

We took Gober’s accusations to Sergeant Patrick Swanton of the Waco Police Department. 
He texted back, “Be sure to look at the history of his club. No we won’t respond to his nonsense.”

We found past reports of gunfights at the former Crush club. 
One of those happened back in 2014, a shootout that sent one man to the hospital. 

Gober says what club doesn’t have problems. 

He says he is planning on taking a legal action against the police.
As for last night’s shootings  – there were no injuries reported.

The Waco Police Department sent out a statement in regards to this on Monday afternoon, saying in part:

An incident with the gunfire occurring early Sunday morning was in the parking lot of a closed business in the 600 block of Ruby Avenue, immediately adjacent to a nightclub.

Multiple rifle and handgun shells were recovered at the scene. Officers say the crowd had over 300 people in size, and they were in the immediate area.

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