UPDATE: Cove storm estimated as EF2 tornado


Members of the National Weather Service Field office in Fort Worth toured the area affected by Sunday night’s storm.  They gave a preliminary determination that an EF2 tornado with peak wind speeds of 115 mph hit Copperas Cove.

FOX44 viewer Shawn Hoskins sent us this video of what it looked like as the storm moved through.

The path of the tornado stretched almost one mile in length with damage noted to homes and property on either side of the path.  

The damaged property count remains at 198 and no injuries were reported as a result of this storm. 

“In about 15 minutes it turned just absolutely black and we heard this explosion and didn’t even know what it was,” said Rodney Barnes, whose home was damaged by the storm.

That explosion was his roof being torn off by the violent winds.

Emergency management operations were setup until 10pm Sunday night. At that point officials determined they had taken care of everyone that needed help.

“Most of the residents band together and were helping one another to make sure that everybody was ok and that the roads were being cleared by the residents themselves. They were going out and pulling tree limbs to the side,” said Gary Young, Emergency Management Coordinator and Deputy Chief of Copperas Cove Fire Department.

Employees from Chick-fil-a delivered food to people who had damaged homes today. They say they want everyone to know they are not alone.

Another business reaching out to storm victims is Home Base Lumber in Copperas Cove.
They extended their store hours so everyone has a chance to get the supplies they need to rebuild.

Below is the original text from this story:

The Copperas Cove Fire Department reports a total of 196 homes received some form of damage in Sunday evening storms.

Three of those homes were reported to be uninhabitable.

All of those who found themselves not able to get back into their homes were reported to have made arrangements to stay with family or friends.

Deputy Fire Chief Gary D. Young said that no injuries were reported.

The damage was mostly in the Big Divide area of the city.

No damage estimate was available Monday morning.

Neighbors were reported to be helping each other in the cleanup.

Source: Copperas Cove Fire Department

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