KILLEEN, Texas — UPDATE: The man shot during what police are calling an attempted carjacking is out of surgery and is said to be in stable condition. Killeen Police say the man was shot several times by the driver of the truck, at least once in the neck.

ORIGINAL REPORT: What was just another normal Killeen intersection was actually the end of a high speed, chaotic car chase that happened just earlier today.

Killeen Police reported that around 10:00 AM Tuesday morning, police attempted to pull over a suspect in connection to a string of robberies in Killeen over the past weekend.

That’s when the suspect began the chase.

“He was able to make his way to I-14, went through Harker Heights, went through Nolanville and into Nelton and all the way up to about Loop 121 in Belton,” Alex Gearhart said, the Assistant Chief of Police for the city of Killeen. “At times during this pursuit, he was at a high rate of speed in excess of a 120, a 125 miles per hour. He also drove on the wrong side of the road at certain times.”

Once the suspect returned to Killeen, he ran the car into the curb at the corner of Rosewood and Central Texas Expressway. But that isn’t where the story ends.

“He crashes the vehicle he was driving,” Gearhart said. “He struck a curb, disabling the vehicle. At that point he got out of his vehicle and attempted to hijack a nearby truck that had stopped. He produced a weapon and the driver of the truck produced his own weapon and defended himself and our suspect was subsequently shot multiple times.”

Killeen PD reported that the suspect was taken to Harker Heights Seton Medical Center after being shot, which was very close to where the shooting took place.

Now this investigation is still ongoing and the suspect is at Baylor Scott and White with life threatening injuries.