KILLEEN, Texas – UPDATE: The City of Killeen has received approval from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to lift the city-wide boil water notice (BWN) for the entire city.

On Thursday, the order was lifted for the eastern part of the city.

Killeen has been under a BWN since Oct. 19, following water samples taken from six sites indicating chlorine residuals below TCEQ guidelines.


KILLEEN, Texas — The Killeen City Council met Tuesday for the first time since the boil water notice started.

“If these tests come back good tomorrow, around the same time, it’s a 24-hour period, we would be allowed to open that part of the city and lift it from the boil water notice,” says Public Works Executive Director Jeff Reynolds.

This was music to the many ears present at the meeting, as the city moved into Day Seven of the boil water notice.

The Public Works Department gave a lengthy presentation on the process they are going through now and what their plans are for the future.

But for many, they just want the notice to end.

“It’s frustrating, because a lot of people don’t have, like, they can’t boil the water, so that they get water from Killeen. But you can’t even go to the stores,” says Killeen resident Michael Svitak. “Walmart in Killeen is sold out most of the time. So we’re going to Temple to get ours and all that, but it’s like, every month, Killeen has a boil notice.”

“Well, it takes up a lot of time,” says resident Jack Ralston. “I’ve been in a lot worse circumstances than this is. It’s an inconvenience. The real irritation is….is all the filters I have to replace, all the time it takes. And the fact is, I’m paying for good water and I’m not getting it.”

Killeen is now continuing the chlorine conversion process, while many surrounding cities are upping the chlorine levels in the water to keep from boil water notices.

The City of Belton sent out an email Tuesday stating:

“The Bell County Water Control & Improvement District No. 1 has announced that for the next month it is changing its water treatment process and that during this time water may have a faint chlorine smell and taste. The temporary change in treatment is a response to water quality concerns Killeen is experiencing.”

– City of Belton

Water samples were sent off Tuesday night in hopes of receiving them back in 24 hours with good news – which would allow them to lift at least part of the water boil notice.