Vape shop owners see plunge in sales


WOODWAY, Texas – Mysty Burke, the owner of Cloud Chasers Vape Shop in Woodway, is celebrating their sixth year in business this week.

Burke says while its good to be doing what she loves, celebrating her sixth year as the owner her own vape shop isn’t like most others – and she’s not alone.

Lately, her business and the vaping industry in general has taken blow after blow from changes in the federal law to the banning of certain type of e-cigarettes.

“Most stores nationwide have seen about a 50 percent decline in sales since the THC-related illnesses,” says Burke.

Burke says she was smoking multiple packs of cigarettes a day before she was introduced to vaping. She says she opened her business up to offer others the same avenue to escape tobacco use she found years ago.

“I know how hard it is to quit. I know first hand how difficult it can be. And that’s really what we built this on,” says Burke.

But the foundation of her business is being rocked by federal mandates and a stigma from recent reports causing her and her staff a great deal of uncertainty when it comes to their future.

“Its very unpredictable. You know from one day to the next, you dont know who’s introducing what bill. You don’t know what state or what county or what city is going to ban flavors and if you just happen to be in that city then you’re just out of business,” she says.

Burke says right now she is relying heavily on her regular customers – but with the most recent blows to the vape industry, the unpredictable nature of it all makes it hard to tell just how long they can keep their doors open.

“Sometimes it is day-to-day. Generally its probably week-to-week. But there are some days we don’t know. We just keep checking the news. Check the groups and see what anybody has heard. See who’s introducing what bill or whatever. And just pray it isn’t your city, your county, or your state,” says Burke.

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