BOSQUE COUNTY, Texas – The continued investigation into a cold case leads to the discovery of several vehicles in Lake Whitney.

On Friday, January 15, Bosque County Sheriff’s Office investigators – assisted by Texas Game Wardens and the search team known as Adventures With Purpose – started a three-day search of multiple locations on Lake Whitney. The purpose of this search was to find and identify evidence relating to a cold case currently under investigation.

This investigation is related to the disappearance of John Creech, approximately 13 years ago. During the course of the latest efforts, investigators were informed of the possibility that Creech’s remains might be in Lake Whitney. Acting on this information, Texas Parks and Wildlife’s Water Search and Rescue Team was contacted – and they conducted a sonar search of several locations in and around Lake Whitney.

During this effort, more than a dozen vehicles were found beneath the surface of the lake. Due to the water depth and conditions, the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office reached out to Adventures With Purpose and requested their assistance in the investigation. The Sheriff’s Office says Adventures With Purpose is a team of highly-skilled divers who travel around the country conducting underwater search efforts for missing people.

Jared Leisek, founder of Adventures With Purpose, communicated with the Sheriff’s Office for weeks as they planned the locating and investigation into the vehicles found earlier by a Texas Parks and Wildlife sonar boat.

As a result of this recovery mission, two vehicles were successfully removed from the water just below Soldier’s Bluff. These vehicles were brought up from 40 and 65 feet below the surface.

Additionally, more than six other vehicles were found and searched. However, the condition of these vehicles prohibited efforts to remove them from the lake. No further information relating to this portion of the investigation will be released at this point.

(Courtesy: Bosque County Sheriff’s Office)

This investigation continues, and the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office says it’s committed to successfully locating Creech or determining what ultimately happened to him. It is their hope and mission to provide the family with his return, or with answers providing closure.

If you have any information as to the whereabouts or circumstances surrounding the disappearance of John Creech, you can contact the Bosque County Sheriff’s Office at (254) 435-2362, or

Source: Bosque County Sheriff’s Office