Veteran’s home project is about halfway completed


FOX44 introduced you to Edna Faye Harris last February, and how her husband was building her dream home before he passed away from pneumonia last summer.

Home Depot, Lochridge Priest and Dr. Watts Electrical Company all stepped up to help finish Edna’s dream home.

Her home is about halfway completed.

“So what needs to be done still is do some constructional work. Put in the kitchen, the floors, finalize the electrician, and some plumbing,” says Veterans of Foreign Wars National Aide-de-Camp Boris Morring, Jr. 

These groups have been working on the house for the past three months, and the process hasn’t been easy.

“We ran into some things with [the] electrician, plumbing, [and] overall structure,” Morring says. “We need an actual overlay, and as the electricians go in, they see some issues.”

Plus it’s all volunteer hours.

“You have to make sure there’s time for those individuals to come out, besides their general jobs, operations to come out to get things completed,” Morring says.

Home Depot is providing the materials and the labor to get the project completed. 

“We’ll have volunteers that go out on a regular basis between our store and the Waco Home Depot, and we will go out and do any of the capabilities or within our job scoop that we can do,” says Bellmead Home Depot Store Manager Shelley Klein.

They think it will take about two to three months before everything is completed and Edna can finally move in.

“What we need to do is go over there and take a look at definitely what needs to be done, drain all of the water and drains out so once the cabinets are in. We can go and set the fixtures back. On the other side of the house, there needs to be some jack hammering that needs to be done. Move some of the drains over to get to plumbing code,” explains Lochridge Priest plumber Josh Watson.

If you would like to get involved with this project, feel free to email me at There is also a GoFundMe set up, and any donations will help with getting equipment and tools to help build Edna’s dream home. Click here for the link. 

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