Visiting judge rules in favor of defense attorneys


Two defense attorneys for Twin Peaks bikers are celebrating. 

After a visiting judge Phillip Vick ruled Monday to allow Judge Ralph Strother to stay on the hearing to disqualify District Attorney Abel Reyna from prosecuting the two cases.  

Defense attorney David Beyer says he was really mad in the first place when the hearing didn’t happen on Jan. 22. 

That day the hearing to disqualify Reyna was put on hold when the state asked Judge Strother to recuse himself. 

When he refused, the visiting judge had to come in and decide his fate. 
Beyer says the visiting judge made the right decision to keep Judge Strother. 

Prosecutors kept arguing Judge Strother is biased and if the visiting judge recused him this time, they would ask for this recusal from every single Twin Peaks case. 

But defense attorneys argued the judge is perfectly qualified to oversee the hearing to disqualify the district attorney. 

Beyer says, “Our clients believe so. Everybody here is putting themselves on line to try to see that justice is done.”

The defense attorneys say the state’s wish to recuse Judge Strother is just another way to delay the hearing. 

Defense attorney Brian Bouffard says,”I feel great about it I think it was an easy call I think the judge saw the evidence for what it is and saw the state’s game playing for what it is and he made the right ruling.”

They say every delay costs them time and money.

The defense is hoping for the hearing to happen next week. 

The prosecutors declined to comment on any of this. 

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