CENTRAL TEXAS (FOX 44) – With extreme temperatures hitting our area, many people are choosing to stay indoors, but what about those who do not have the option to stay inside, such as firefighters.

Jeff Wilhelm with the Robinson Volunteer Fire Department says the funding they get at volunteer fire departments is a small amount. With high gas prices and other rising costs, community support is huge so those men and women can effectively do their job.

“What you don’t think about is when they get within 20 feet of that flame that’s ten feet tall, that it’s now up into the 160 range,” Wilhelm said. “So their are bodies constantly sweating out all that water, all those electrolytes and all that other good stuff.”

He says water donations are helpful, but so are electrolyte replacements and individually wrapped snacks.

“Every little bit helps because that’s less that they have to spend on that and more they can spend on fuel,” Wilhelm said.

Bosque County is ran entirely by volunteer fire departments. They have been thankful to receive the water and snacks they need, but what they need most is money and volunteers.

“The men and women that do this are the epidemy of serving your community selflessly,” Bosque County Emergency Management Coordinator Kirk Turner said. “They are giving a lot of themselves. They are taking off work and not getting reimbursed for that necessarily.”

Volunteering doesn’t have to mean fighting fires. Wilhelm says volunteer fire departments can use help at all times in all sorts of positions.

“All kind of help can do,” Wilhelm said. “It doesn’t matter if it’s firefighting, doesn’t matter if it’s just driving a cooler to the scene, lifting up an easy shelter so they can get some some shaded area. But they’re looking for members to do all kinds of stuff, not just firefighting.”

Even if there’s not a fire directly in your local fire departments area, they could still be sending resources or people to help at another fire.

“The fires are getting more complex and more volitle, just about every day with the weather we’re having,” Turner said.

Here is a list of Venmo accounts for the departments in Bosque County.

For other departments, you can reach out to their social media pages for more details on what each needs and how to get that to them.