Voter turnout in Bell County


There are nearly 50 polling locations across Bell County.

However, the amount of people who came out to vote on Election Day is significantly less than what some locations saw during Early Voting. During that time, there was a line out the door and parking was nowhere to be found.

Some Bell County residents say they are surprised the whole process only took about five minutes on Tuesday – compared to two weeks ago when people were waiting an average of 30 minutes to cast their votes.

Only 440 people voted at the Harker Heights Recreation Center as of 3:00 p.m. today. Two weeks ago, over 200 people had cast their votes before noon.

“Everyone is doing a lot of early voting, so I guess Early Voting is the best thing to do. It was just quicker. But I’m surprised that it wasn’t as crowded today, and I did come after lunch, so I guess that makes a difference as well. Vote if you haven’t voted. Don’t think your vote doesn’t count, but get on out there and vote. It’s your civic duty. And why not? I mean, you can’t complain if you don’t vote,” says voter Anita Corbin.

People are just happy voters are doing their civic duty and making their voices heard.

Many people FOX44 spoke to though are very happy with the new electronic voting machines – saying they have made the process so much easier than before.

Those machines are not connected to the internet. They simply serve as a ballot marker.

Many people say they are very user-friendly and are comparing it to touch-screen phones. They say if you can dial a number on there, you’ll have no problem filing your ballot out on the new machines.

For some, it was their very first time using it and they loved it.

“Yeah, surprisingly I think it could work anywhere. I don’t know the inner workings of it, you know. What they told me to do, it was very, very simple. It was an easy process. I think everything took about five minutes, so I was in and out,” says voter Brady Miller.

All in all, poll workers say they have had a pretty steady flow of people on Election Day.

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