Waco Civic Theatre kicks off ‘Descendants’ musical


WACO, Texas- It’s lights, camera, action as the Waco Civic Theatre Summer Camp preforms their Disney musical Descendants!

After time off due to COVID-19, they are glad to be back on stage with a live audience.

Caleb Rinehart is a cast member of the musical, and he says being back on stage making people laugh is his favorite.

“Bonding with your castmates is really important, because I have been here with a month with these people,” Rinehart said. “It’s important to build trust and build stuff off stage connections.”

Descendants Musical Director Krystal Marshall says seeing the groups of kids bonding has been wonderful, and she is glad to be back.

“Everybody has just been so thrilled to be back on the stage,” Marshall said. “It doesn’t matter if they are in six scenes and come out and say, ‘Yea yea!’ Whatever they are doing, they are all just happy and excited to be a part of it.”

In preparation for the show, the cast members practice five days a week for four hours. Sophia Bateson, who plays mother Cruella in the show, uses her time to get in character.

“I do occasionally just walk up to Adrien like, ‘Hello, kid. You’re definitely my child,'” Bateson said.

The musical portrays four villian kids who have difficult choices to make – follow in their parents footsteps and wicked ways, or take a different path and learn to be good.

Ainsley Kennedy says she has been a part of the Waco Civic Theatre since she was eight years old. During COVID, she missed performing and she is looking forward to the three shows this weekend.

“The four VK [Villian Kids], we have our little handshake that we do in the show,” Kennedy said. “We do it a few times just to get hyped up, and then we are so ready by the end of it.”

“I just missed it so much. Actually being on stage and singing with a bunch of people that I am really good friends with,” says cast member Adrien Owens.

Marshall says she has seen the kids in the camp grow, and it makes her proud. She is also grateful to use the Bishop Reicher High School building for practices and the live show.

“A week ago when we started our full runs of the show, you could see the outline of what it was going to be, and it was strong,” Marshall said. “Now you see the whole thing and it’s just fun. It’s powerful. There is something for everybody.”

To purchase tickets, you can visit the Waco Civic Theatre website.

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