Waco Duo Creates ‘Quarantined Jobs’ in wake of COVID-19


WACO, Texas – For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed how we make a living.

After being laid off, a Central Texas duo has taken an unconventional approach to employment, and they say it seems to be working out.

Elias and Nathan started Quarantined Jobs, where they take on tasks for people around Waco who need the help during the COVID-19 pandemic. They came up with the idea just trying to make ends meet, and now they say the idea could be something a little more.

Doing odd jobs during odd times is how Nate and Elias are creating a buzz around Waco.

“Just trying to make what we can during this crazy time,” says Nathan Slonaker.

Today we found them doing a landscaping project, but this is just one of the tasks the duo has taken on in recent days.

So far on their Instagram page, they have demolished structures, did some painting – and of course yard work, all while documenting the new jobs they take on as they go.

A noteworthy component to their out of the box approach is they don’t set their prices. Their customers do.

“We tell people we don’t have any expectations, but people they see the position we’re in and they’re like, ‘We want to help you out’, and we say, ‘We want to help you out, as well.’ So, it just works out. It’s whatever is on their heart. No pressure,” says Elias Lopez.

While social distancing is crucial in today’s climate, they say it hasn’t been much of a hurdle to clear for them.

“Social distancing hasn’t been very hard for us, just because most of our work has been outside or it’s literally us to painting in a room. Like today, we’ve just been outside and we text the people we were working with, and like, interacting with the people is not an issue,” says Slonaker.

Elias says his degree in business is being put to work. He added everyday they are assessing the current demands and doing what they can to render services that meet those demands – all while having a little fun along the way.

He says they are still growing their operation, but the feedback they have been getting is exceeding their expectations.

“I thought I’d give them a shout and see if they could help me out, and its perfect. They’re doing a great job, doing really good,” says one customer.

To their surprise, more people want to get on board.

“I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me asking if they could work for us, which is crazy. But yeah, I would love to do something out of this. And maybe, like 20 years from now, I can say, ‘Hey, this job started because of the coronavirus,” says Lopez.

They say they are booked up until the weekend, but if you have a task, they say feel free to reach out to them by email at quarantinedjobs@gmail.com.

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