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Waco firefighters and Thanksgiving safety


Local firefighters expect thing to be pretty quiet this Thanksgiving and have a lot to be thankful for this year. But if they do have to go out to an emergency during meal time, they say there are things you can do to prevent a dangerous situation.

“I think I can speak for most of everyone here that we’re just all thankful for families,” says Firefighter Jacob Hrabal.

Waco Fire Departments will be working round-the-clock during Thanksgiving.

“Eat a good supper and good lunch and just spend time with the guys up here,” says Firefighter Garrett Ellis.

And despite being away from their families, they have another family to be thankful for.

“Especially on holidays, we’ll eat all three meals, do all of our shopping before hand. We tried to do that to keep the fellowship and family atmosphere here. Along with a lot of our guys including myself, we’ll have our families come up during the holidays and visit us, if possible,” says Firefighter Dywane Ellis.

They also want to remind families of the fire dangers which come this time of year, like the fire which took a man’s life on Wednesday.

“People need to be aware of keeping blankets and clothes away [from] the room, hot heaters,” Ellis says.

But whether you’re a fireman or an everyday community member, if you find yourself spending Thanksgiving alone, you’re in luck.

“Misfits Thanksgiving Dinner is for everyone who doesn’t quite fit in,” says Summer Shine, owner of Luna Juice Waco and organizer of Misfits Thanksgiving. “There will be tons of people here, and we just invite people to come and make new friends. There’s never a stranger here.” 

For more about the Misfits Thanksgiving you can Click Here.

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