Waco “hires” goats to munch weeds


If you happen to see a herd of goats grazing as you drive along University Parks Drive between Waco Drive and Bosque Boulevard, they haven’t escaped the farm.

They have been “hired” by the City of Waco Parks and Recreation Department as part of  what is being described as an ” eco-friendly” way of controlling invasive vegetation in sloped and treacherous areas not easily accesible by city staff.

An outfit called ” Rent-A-Ruminant Texas” has been contracted to provide 120 goats for the project.

The herd will be onsite during daylight hours on Saturday and Sunday and will be contained by a temporary, low-voltage electric fence line.

Signage will be placed around the section designated for grazing.

A ” Rent-A-Ruminant” employee will be present with the goats while they work.

The use of the goats not only provides for employee safety in clearing areas hard to get to, but also offers an eco-friendly alternative for dealing with vegetation along the river without using chemicals.

A city statement says ” goat landscaping” has been used by a number of metropolitan areas including Tacoma, New York, Chicago, Boston and Chapel Hill.

If effective the program may be expanded to other areas of need along the riverbanks.

City spokesman Larry Holze said the rent-a-goat project carreid a price tag of $1,725.

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