Waco Housing Authority adjusting to the Renters Moratorium


WACO, Texas – The Moratorium, which has paused payments for renters, is set to expire March 31st – and tenants are responsible for rent back payments.

The Waco Housing Authority and affiliates held a Zoom meeting discussing rental payments and eviction moratoriums.

Waco Housing Authority President Milet Hopping says in the past, there have been tenants past due on rent – but nothing like what they are currently facing.

“It has never been this number at all, ever. This is completely unprecedented for us,” Hopping said.

Hopping says a third of tenants at three low-income housing properties – Estella Maxey, South Terrace and Kate Ross are well over 90 days past due on rent.

“This is not normal for us,” Hopping said.

One of the properties has 109 tenants owing close to $26,000. The reason is the Texas Moratorium is scheduled to expire next month.

“We need something by March 31st, or a waiver for them that would extend the time period – or they will come up with some kind of plan,” Hopping said.

The housing authorities hope to have more resources for tenants by this time.

“The problem is that I think a lot of people misunderstood the eviction moratorium – thinking they did not have to pay rent,” Hopping said.

While the moratorium is still in place, they are reminding tenants of their responsibility for the accrued rent balance – giving the option for payment plans. They have also been assisting with job opportunities.

“Community service has been trying to put people to use for surveys, and now for the registration with our elderly and disabled,” Hopping said.

Hopping said they are clear about communicating with the tenants – sending letters, emails, and making calls so there is no misunderstanding.

“I want you here. So pay your rent. If you need some adjustment in that, come talk to us about that so we can work on it,” Hopping said.

As of now, they are hoping to get late fees waived and find other resources available.

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