Waco Immigrants Alliance march for freedom


Since April, more than 2,000 children have been separated from their families after crossing the border illegally.

On Monday, the fight continued for those families. The Waco Immigrants Alliance group marched from Heritage Square to Rep. Bill Flores’ office.

“Se ve, se escucha, estamos en la lucha!” chanted the group.

“Today we’re marching for freedom because our message is that from the border to our communities, that families belong together and free,” said Hope Mustakim, Director of Waco Immigrants Alliance.

Each person held a sign, and chanted as they walked.

“We hope that Bill Flores sees that we are not going to let up, we are going to keep him accountable, we’re going to keep the pressure on, we’re not going to grow tired or silent,” said Mustakim.

The group delivered post cards to the Texas Representative that say “Families Belong Together.”

“We’re just continuing to press the message that we want families together, not incarcerated, we want them free,” added Mustakim.

Iliana Neumann is a physician at the Family Health Center, she says the children separated from their parents have a long road of healing ahead.

“Being separated from your parents causes something called toxic stress, it releases a bunch of damaging hormones in your body,” said Neumann.

The crowd also used Monday’s rally to demand for justice for immigrant Waco mother, Estela Fajardo, who has been imprisoned for two years without a day in court.

“We’re calling on Sheriff McNamara to come out of hiding and really have a conversation with us about Estela and about her abuse and about why she is being intimidated and silenced from within the jail,” said Mustakim.

All, to fight for Estela’s freedom, and the freedom of all the families separated by our country’s Zero Tolerance Policy.

“The fact that I’m here today is really not enough because there’s so many fellow human beings that deserve the same opportunities that I’ve had, to work heard, to contribute to their communities,” said Neumann.

To learn more about Waco Immigrants Alliance click HERE.

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