Waco ISD Interim Superintendent not looking for long-term stay


After one week on the job, Waco ISD’s Interim Superintendent Dr. Hazel Rowe knows only one thing for sure – she doesn’t want the permanent job.

It’s been 18 years since Dr. Rowe was last interim superintendent for the district, she says she’s ready to continue Dr. Nelson’s legacy, at least for now.

“Well I’m older and wiser now so I can really enjoy it compared to the last time because now I am at the point where I really know something about what I’m doing and I know about working with students and teachers and community so it’s a really different opportunity this time around,” said Dr. Rowe.

Dr. Rowe has decades of years in education, she says it all began when she was six years old teaching Sunday school to 3 and 4 year olds.

“And so I’ve been doing some kind of teaching since like from a from a long long time and early early time so I’ve always been in the process of teaching, mentoring, tutoring all of that,” said Dr. Rowe.

She sees her role as a bridge, to keep Dr. Nelson’s momentum going.

“To keep us connected, to make sure that parents and students and teachers all have the sense that we can stick together and we can make a difference in our students into the school year,” said Dr. Rowe.

She says it’s the relationship with students that she loves the most.

“When I see some of my students now who are parents with students in school, we still always talk about the relationship,” said Dr. Rowe.

When asked if she would consider staying in this role, she says “no way.”

“Well, remember I was in retirement and I had just really taken to it, so I’d like to get back there and finish that process because the next thing after retirement of course for me is really different, it’s probably death (laughs),” said Dr. Rowe.

Dr. Rowe says she’ll likely stay in this position for six months or less, until the district finds a permanent superintendent.

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