Waco ISD overall rating improves


WACO, Texas – The Waco Independent School District’s overall rating improved this year. The district from an overall “C” to an overall “B” this year.

District Interim Superintendent Dr. Hazel Rowe says this grade is based off of hard work, and is a reason to celebrate.

“We’re happy to go from a ‘C’ to a ‘B’, but the work is definitely not done. We have more to improve on and build on, and that’s where our attention is,” says Kyle Debeer, Waco ISD Assistant Superintendent.

The school district’s ratings are graded on a scale of “A” through “F”.

“We went from a 76 last year as a ‘C’ to an 81 one this year. So we gained five points. The cut off for a ‘B’ is an 80, so we were just into ‘B’ territory, but we’re certainly happy with that five point gain,” Debeer says.

The letter grade gain is a direct result of hard work.

“It’s certainly heartening to see our overall score go up and to see our rating go up. I think that reflects the hard work that our teachers, our principals, and our students are doing to make sure they learn the material,” Debeer says.

Each school was also rated individually. Of the 22 Waco ISD campuses, five recieved ‘B”s and seven others received ‘C”s. This includes Brook Avenue Elementary, which was rated the equivalent of an ‘F’ last year.

Despite this, some schools in Waco ISD are still behind on the grading curve.

“There are still schools in Waco ISD that clearly are struggling under the states current accountability system. We know that we have to dig in. That’s part of what our convocation was about this morning, because next Tuesday more then 14,000 kids are going to walk through our doors and every single one of them deserves an incredible education that lays the foundation for future success,” Debeer says.

To see how your school or school district performed, you can click this link.

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