WACO, Texas – Several schools have shut down this week as teachers and students become sick with COVID-19.

Today, Mexia ISD and Rapoport joined the ever growing list of schools temporarily shutting down. But you won’t find Waco ISD on the list.

“We are not able to go full district wide virtual or online learning at this time due to tea rule,” Waco ISD PIO Alice Jauregui said.

Jauregui explained it’s due to the size of the district. With many school districts temporarily moving their classrooms online due to high COVID-19 numbers, Waco ISD is continuing with in person learning.

“We’re in a good position because our district is a little larger than some of our surrounding districts, so we do have the support staff in place on campuses that can step in whenever we do have a shortage of teachers from day to day,” she said.

Alice also says the district cannot make the decision to go completely virtual on it’s own but if a specific classroom or campus has a high number of cases, they can go into remote conferencing for a time.

“We make that determination based on our conversations and at the recommendation of our local health authorities,” she said. “But that’s not the same as full on all virtual for the district.”

She believes they are seeing fewer cases than other schools because Waco ISD is requiring masks in class, on top of other precautions.

“What we’re doing is just trying to make sure that we’re keeping our bubbles small,” she said. “We are recommending that if students have any symptoms at all that they stay home as well as our staff, we don’t want those spreading to other classmates or coworkers. So we are also asking people to test to find out if you are positive.”

Alice says they plan to work with students who are exposed or test positive for the virus so they don’t miss too much work.