Waco ISD’s search for a new superintendent


Waco ISD focusing on the future after Dr. Marcus Nelson officially resigned as superintendent on Thursday night.

The board of trustees must now find an interim superintendent to replace Dr. Nelson until a more permanent solution can be found.

According to the Voluntary Separation and Release Agreement, Dr. Nelson will receive a total of $96,000 over a four-month period.

Although he is gone, the district says faculty and students won’t notice a difference.

It really is, for our teachers, for our principals, for our schools. it‘s about continuing the business of teaching and learning, that’s where their focus has been throughout this and that’s where their focus is going to remain, said Kyle DeBeer, Waco ISD spokesperson.

The district says in its search for a new superintendent, the board will focus on the communities priorities.

And make sure that the person, the way they are describing the job to potential candidates and the way they are conducting interviews is identifying someone who reflects the communities priorities, so I think that’s why you’ll hear and see from the board a lot of listening and a lot of conversation with the community to understand those priorities so they can conduct a search that finds a superintendent that reflects them, said DeBeer.

The board will also look at experience, qualities and characteristics of the potential superintendent that best fit the district.

That’s one of the things I would imagine the board will discuss is what’s the right set of experiences that prepares someone to be successful as a superintendent in Waco ISD, said DeBeer.

The process of finding a new superintendent is expected to take several months, and the district says the more input they have from the community, the better.

And, so I am certain that throughout the process to select the next superintendent the board will be looking to the community for input and listening to what our parents, our teachers, our other staff members, our students, just community members that may not have any other tie to the district than that they live in Waco ISD. All of those voices are voices that the board wants to hear from in this process, said DeBeer.

Dr. Nelson has until March 25th to return all Waco ISD property and clear his office.

The next board meeting is Thursday at 6pm.

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