A 37-year-old Waco man accused of advertising a woman for sex on backpage.com has been indicted on four counts of trafficking of persons.

The McLennan County Grand Jury returned the indictment against Eddie Leon WIlliams after he was arrested by McLennan County Sheriff’s Deputies earlier this year.

Eddie Leon Williams

The victim was detained by deputies when she went to a pre arranged location and had been seen with WIlliams prior to them picking her up.

She told deputies that she had been forced to work for Williams and that she was afraid of him.

The indictments allege that beginning in November 2017, that Williams did “intentionally or knowingly traffic ( the victim) by transporting, enticing, recruiting or harboring, and through force, fraud or coercion namely physically assaulting her and or placing ( her) picture on backpage.com and setting up prostitution meetings that cause ( the victim) to engage in conduct prohibited by the Texas Penal Code.”

The indictments specify actions in November and December 2017 and January and February 2018.