WACO, Texas – The City of Austin and Bexar County will start making face masks mandatory in some businesses for both employees and customers.

However, Waco Mayor Kyle Deaver isn’t ready to make this jump just yet.

“We want to understand the situation a little bit better before we make a decision about that,” Deaver said. “There are issues that are unclear, as far as I can tell about this. I certainly encourage everyone in Waco to wear a mask.”

Deaver says businesses and customers have been calling his office to suggest the change to making face masks mandatory.

“I’ve had lots of calls and emails from individuals, both customers and employees asking for this,” Deaver said. “I’m taking that very seriously.”

One store that would welcome the change is the Gift Horse in Waco, run by four sisters. Co-owner Cassie Rowntree says they have been wearing masks ever since the store re-opened.

“At the end of the day, we are going home to our families,” Rowntree said. “We, of course, want to make sure that they also stay healthy.”

The sisters say they would welcome the change to make masks mandatory in their store.

They even started selling their own masks and signs around the store commemorate their new motto, “Let’s Stay Happy and Healthy Together.”

“We want our customers to feel safe in this environment and to know that we are following CDC guidelines.”

Mayor Deaver says this is not an order he can make on his own – it needs to go through the City Council.