Waco Police have an open investigation after several diners called them about a major fight at the Cheddar’s Restaurant. 

Police say when officers arrived on scene, they say multiple people were running from the restaurant located at 4208 Franklin Avenue.

Witnesses told officers 40-50 people between two groups were fighting inside the restaurant.

The general manager of Rosa’s Cafe, Marius Roman, said several people came into their restaurant following the fight.

Those customers said the fight began between two young people who seemed to have a prior conflict. 

“As managers you have to be diligent to kind of see things before they happen. We have five managers here, so we’re always on the look out for that kind of stuff happening,” Roman says.

Waco Police say Cheddar’s does not have security guards, and neither does Rosa’s.

“Obviously we would try to do our best and talk to the parties involved and make sure that it doesn’t get any further. That’s why we have managers walking through our dining area on a regular basis,” Roman says.

Officers are still investigating to figure out what happened. Multiple people were cleared from the building and parking lot.

Information on this story is developing.