WACO, Texas – The City of Waco has recorded 15 homicides so far in 2020 – the most homicides the city has had in ten years.

This is according to a report by Waco PD Interim Chief Frank Gentsch. He says he knows this number is a cause for concern for Wacoans.

“We’ve made arrests in eleven of of those 15 cases. Now that means we’ve got more work to do on those cases that we haven’t made an arrest yet,” said Gentsch.

Four homicides were related to family violence, and four more were related to drugs. Those combined make up the majority of Waco’s homicides so far this year.

Waco PD says they have created a new position to address the problem.

“That new position is going to be working on a proactive approach through the supervisor developing that to address some of these repeat family violence offenders,” Gentsch said.

Three homicides involved civil disturbances, and two were linked to robbery. Police say there’s only been one homicide this year which still has no motive.

Still, they are adding another member to their team of detectives.

“We’ve also added a Special Crimes Detective, which gives us another tool while we are investigating these cases. We’ve got another detective out there who can assist a unit in solving these crimes,” he told FOX44.

Gentsch says this uptick in homicides is a matter they are taking seriously for the city and the victims’ families.

“We’re the ones having to tell the family that they’ve lost that loved one. Then we’re the ones investigating it, trying to bring justice to the family and justice to the victim,” said Gentsch.