WACO, Texas — People all over the globe are celebrating lunar new year, which is on February 1, and the people of Central Texas are no exception.

Lunar New Year is celebrated based off the phases of the moon and East Market and Goods in Waco wanted to take part in the celebration.

“Lunar New Years is a new year for prosperity, many blessings,” East Market Owner Joni Navarra said. “It’s starting the new year right surrounded by family, by food. Of course money and bright lights and festivities.”

East Market tried to host a lunar new year celebration last year but was not able due to the February snow storms. But today, that was not the case.

“It feels great. It lets me know that next year I can absolutely do it much bigger, just like we wanted to,” Navarra said. “We hope to have a lion dance and show more of our traditions out here. So it’s more things for the next year.”

There were multiple vendors, many selling different types of food, from classic Vietnamese dishes to fusion plates including Texas barbecue.

“We like to combine different cultures and make something different for the community,” Lynne Delacruz said, the owner of Harmony Home Collector. “I know it’s something that to bring something that’s familiar, but yet different. And so we love diversity. We love gatherings. We’re Asian and so we love festivities. So that’s why we’re here.”

East Market was very happy with today’s turnout and hopes the celebration continues to grow in the years to come.